Who am I?

My name is LauRen—but please, call me Elle—and I hate writing about myself.

My attitude is just as bad, if not worse, than my horrible combination skin. Thanks for both, Dad.

I also hate smiling and my annoying case of hyperpigmentation.

Considering that this is a more or less personal blog, that may prove to be an issue.
I’m a Leo-Virgo with an Aries Moon and a Scorpio Ascendant which should tell you just about all you need to know about me if you’re astrologically inclined. And if you’re not, do keep reading.
I’m somethin’ like an off-tune ballad of contradictions, movie quotes, pop culture references and semi-useless trivia. Full-time eccedentesiast. I’ll be among the first to tell you that I aintshit, which I’m working on changing, but progress is a slow, boring process. I’m an afro wearing, Keyblade wielding, dragon slaying light bringer, AKA, a Black Nerd Girl and for the price of your monthly porn subscription I can be your favorite low life in hightops.
Did I forget to mention that I am the voice in the back of the theater crying out because the movie didn’t stick to the book? ‘Cause, seriously. Nothing sends me flying into a nerd rage faster than that. Like, the movie was absolutely horrible, but why the hell was Persephone in the Underworld in the middle of July during Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief? 
Craig Titley deserves to be punched in the throat with a book of common Greek myths for penning that garbage.
One parts misunderstood, morally ambiguous soul whose intentions are more or less good depending on when you catch me and three parts…um, something else entirely, I’m your not quite friendly neighborhood misanthropic panentheist. I’m also what happens when you mix the Delightful Children from Down the Lane with The Kids Next Door.
I’m a daughter, a sister, a writer and the ex-girlfriend your mother will judge your future wife by and find her wanting.
In short, I am that girl.
And I am (infamous).


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